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Q: Are skate sizes the same as shoe sizes? How do I size skates for my child?

A: Skate sizes are not the same as shoe sizes. The best way to size skates for your child is to take them to a sports shop that sells skates, such as Sport Check, Dress Wright on Ice the Skaters Wish and have their feet measured.

Q: How do I take care of the blades, once my child is off the ice?

A: You need to wipe the blades dry with a drying cloth or small towel right away. Do not put plastic skate guards back on the skates until after the blades are completely dry, possibly not until after you get home. The plastic guards will hold the moisture in and cause rust. We recommend cloth guards.

Q: Where can I get my child`s skates sharpened?

A: You need to take them to a shop that will provide the proper figure skating edge, rather then a straight hockey edge. We recommend: Sport Chek, The Edge, Skater`s Wish, Dress Wright on Ice.

Q: How often do I need to have them sharpened?

A: We recommend twice a year; once at the beginning of the season and once again in February, when carnival practice starts.

Q: Is there anything wrong with buying used figure skates?

A: Absolutely not. A good pair of figure skates that are well taken care of can last to serve a number of skaters. But you must check the quality of the skates first.

Q: How can I tell when my child`s used skates are “done”?

A: Your child`s skates are done if you see evidence of the following:

Child is “skating on their ankles”
There is a big crease in the ankle support area
You can fold or bend the ankle support area with your hands
Q: At what point do I worry about skate quality? Is it important to buy high quality skates even if my child is not a competitive skater?

A: Even if your child is not a competitive skater, good support at the ankles is critical. Flimsy skates may hinder skaters from jumping, turning and transferring weight to one foot. Flimsy skates may cause discomfort to the skater, resulting in an aversion to the sport. It is not necessary to buy top-of-the-line skates for a non-competitive skater. However, there are some middle line quality skates that will offer the support your skater needs.

Q: I`m not sure if the quality of my child`s skates is holding her back. Is there someone who can take a look at them for me?

A: If you are concerned about your child`s skates, our skating pro Jaqui will be happy to have a look at them for you and provide the advice and assistance you may require.

Program Assistant

Under the guidance and supervision of our Professional Coaches, the program assistants do an excellent job assisting the pros and the committee. Below are the PA’s of the Year & Month. Thank you to all of our Program Assistants and Congratulations to all the winners!

2017 Senior Coach of the Year TBD
2017 Junior Coach of the Year TBD
2017 Program Assistant Reward & Recognition Program TBD

Congratulations girls and thank you for all of your hard work!!
2016 Miss Saltfleet Figure Skating Club

Cassandra Lamb has been chosen as Miss Saltfleet Figure Skating. Cassandra will represent the Club at various community functions and took part in the 2012 Winona Peach Pageant. Congratulations on being a Winona Peach Princess

Synchronized Skating Teams

Saltfleet has four different levels of synchronized skating, ranging from Novice to Master. The tryouts are held at the beginning of the season in September and then practice continues throughout to perfect their routine for performances. All skaters are encouraged to participate as synchro aids in the progression of skills and development.
If you have any questions about our teams or the program, please email us at

Novice Synchro

This team is an introduction to synchro with Saltfleet. Skaters must be currently working on the Elementary badge level or above to be able to join this team. The practice time for Novice Synchro is to be determined. This is a FUN and enjoyable experience to introduce children to synchronized skating.

If you have any questions about our teams or the program, please email us at

Junior Synchro

Junior Synchro The Junior team members have been doing precision for a couple of years so this means the program gets a little more difficult but skaters are always up for the exciting challenge. The practice time for Junior Synchro is to be determined.
If you have any questions about our teams or the program, please email us at

Senior Synchro

Getting to the senior ranks requires determination and drive, which all of the members possess. Each year the senior team tackles a challenging piece of music and tough choreography and the number always proves to be spectacular. The practice time for Senior Synchro is Wednesday evenings from 6-7pm.
If you have any questions about our teams or the program, please email us at

Masters Synchro

The name says it all, these skaters have mastered their timing and precision and when they come together to perform, it is pure magic. This team is made up of mature skaters who don`t have time to skate regular lessons on Saturdays but have a passion for the sport of synchro.
If you have any questions about our teams or the program, please email us at

Times are subject to change.



Final Day of Regular Lessons – Saturday, February 2, 2017
Carnival Practice Starts – Saturday, February 9, 2017
Carnival Night – Saturday, March 23, 2017
If you have any questions regarding Carnival, please speak with a committee member.