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Saltfleet Figure Skating Club

Club Professionals

Saltfleet Figure Skating Club has always had outstanding coaches and this year is no different. Their hard work and dedication to the skaters make them role models for our amateur coaches and younger skaters.


This is Jacqui’s fourteenth year as a skating professional with the Saltfleet Figure Skating Club. She has been skating for 38 years and skated previously with the Hamilton-Stoney Creek and Saltfleet Figure Skating Clubs. She has competed throughout Canada and the United States. Jacqui was a member of Rhapsody on Ice from 1985-1992, with which she toured the world performing ice shows. Her patience, knowledge and friendly attitude make her an excellent teacher and role model. Jacqui is married and has one son, Brock whom is now enjoying skating with our club. She is currently a Human Resource Manager for Personal Lending and Visa with TD Canada Trust. Jacqui would like to thank the Club, the Executive team and the skaters for helping her develop and grow in her role as a skating professional. Thank you for another great year and for the wonderful skating memories.

Badge Levels

Testing Information

Listed below are the National Skating Tests which each skater will work their way through.

Testing takes place on a continual basis. The Pros will move skaters once they have progressed through all elements of the level.

Once a skater moves to a new level they will receive a Results Sheet from their Program Assistant indicating the completion of the level. Badges are available when levels are completed.

Attached is the National Skating Tests

If you have any questions regarding a skater’s test results please speak with the testing professional.

Level 1- Beginner

Learn to skate program, offering professional instruction with a skating buddy system from our team of trained Program Assistants for each level 1 skater
Helmets required for all skaters on these sessions.

Level 2 – Junior Level 1 (Stroking)

1 Hour Session – 15 Minute Warm-up & 45 Minute Group Lesson
Building on learn to skate skills i.e. stopping, balancing, gliding and skating backwards

Level 3 – Junior Level 2 (Elementary)

1 Hour Session – 15 Minute Warm-up & 45 Minute Group Lesson
Begin to learn forward skating edges, introduce new forward and backward skating techniques i.e. pumping and crosscuts, and turns

Level 4 – Junior Level 3 (Basic)

1 Hour Session – 15 Minute Warm-up & 45 Minute Group Lesson
Continue with learning skating edges, learn new complex forward and backward skating skills, spins, jumps and upward lateral movements

Level 5 – Intermediate Level 1 (Novice 1 & 2, Dance 1)

1 Hour Session – 15 Minute Warm-up & 45 Minute Group Lesson
Backward skating edges, continue to build on complex forward and backward skating skills, jumps and spins and basic forward ice dance skills

Level 6 – Intermediate Level 2 (Speed & Jump, Freestyle 1, Dance 2)

1 Hour Session – 15 Minute Warm-up & 45 Minute Group Lesson
Strengthen and enhance complex forward and backward skating skills with turns and stops, jumps and spins and basic backward ice dance skills

Level 7 – Senior Level (Freestyle 2, Dance 3)

1 Hour Session – 15 Minute Warm-up & 45 Minute Group Lesson
Learn more complex jumping and spinning skills, continue to strengthen forward and backward skating skills, begin to learn preliminary ice dances


2017-2018 Skating Season

The regular season starts Saturday, September 22, 2012 and ends on Saturday, February 2, 2013. The carnival session will begin on Saturday, February 9, 2013. The year end carnival will take place on the evening Saturday, March 23, 2013.

Our skater membership continues to grow every year so register early! Come be a part of the Saltfleet family and see why this is the best recreational skating program around. Please see the registration form for fees and payment information.

Special Events

There are many exciting events taking place throughout the season, come and join us for great skating and lots of fun.

August 2017

Winona Peach Festival August 23, 24 & 25, 2017
Come visit and support the SFSC booth at the festival! This is the Clubs major fundraiser for the year so please help out in any way you can. We always need volunteer help at the festival so please email us at


Registration Dates

Registration dates are September 4th and 10th at Saltfleet Arena from 6:30-8:30 pm.

Currently accepting registrations. Please send completed registration forms and fees by mail to: Saltfleet Figure Skating Club, PO Box 10036, Winona, Ontario L8E 5R1
The Board of Directors reserves the right to move skaters and adjust groupings as necessary.

If you have any questions please email

Visit our supporter’s website

Code of Conduct

Helmets are recommended for younger skaters, especially those 6 and under.
No one is allowed on the ice without skates and designated personnel.
The Club is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.
No gum or food allowed on the ice at any time.
It is recommended that skaters wear appropriate attire for skating.
All skaters are expected to skate the entire session, including the warm-up stroking.
Unacceptable behaviour, obscenity, profanity or physical forcefulness will not be accepted. Please treat each other with courtesy and respect.